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Project Management

We have a rich experienced project team, we make project plan, cost control, production schedule following and quality control via ERP system. For every project we have should be followed by our our engineers, Including clear customer requirements, design reviews, providing weekly production progress reports and photos to customers, to let our customers understand production situation. After delivery, we will actively follow up mold situation, and providing after-sales service, help customers solve the problems.


Project Schedule


Cost control

In the face of increasing competition in the current market, reducing and controlling cost has become the only way for enterprises to survive and develop. 

The good cost control reflects the level of the company management team, and improve the economic performance and competitiveness of enterprises.


We strictly control the cost in order to provide quality and competitive products and services to our customers. In our company, cost control is reflected in every part. From the structure of the mold design improvement, raw material procurement cost control, optimizing production manufacturing process, improving production efficiency and one-time qualified rate, Investing advanced machinery and equipment to improve product quality and reduce labor costs. At the same time, the actual cost of each part is monitored in real time through the professional mold management system (ERP) of our company. 


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