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Mold Design

At the beginning of customer product design, we began to assist customers in improving the manufacturability of their products, from DFM and mold flow analysis to finish product final design.

During mold design, we will first consider the product requirements, the characteristics of the materials, the molding cycle.

In regard to the dimension accuracy of the product, we will adjust the size of the mold in advance to overcome the deformation of the product and facilitate the further adjustment.

About reliability of mold, we only use reliable design and parts, because we know how important stable production is.

To shorten the molding cycle is very important to the customer. The cooling of the mold is usually the bottleneck. Therefore, we pay great attention to the design of cooling.

In terms of the maintainability of the mold, we will design some vulnerable parts to be easy to replace parts, so that customers can maintain easily with low cost.

The design is in sync with the production. We keep the mold completely match the design. When you need to modify or make new parts, you can use the original design data without worrying about the mold being inconsistent with the design.



Mold Flow


3D Design

3D design