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Quality Control

Excellent product quality is the root of all, TY mold has always been adhering to the concept of quality, always insisting that quality is the most important principle of production, and pursuing continuous improvement of product quality. 

The concept “Quality priority, customer oriented “ is implemented in every detail of the company's management. We pay great attention to the quality and delivery time of products, and won wide praise and global customers with excellent quality. 

Good inspection ability is a strong guarantee of our quality control. At the beginning of the project, we carefully review the customers' requirements; During the design phase, we carefully checked every detail, because we know that design is the foundation of success; We only buy steel material and accessories from qualified suppliers. During the production, we use CMM to check each part and electrode to ensure that each part is good. After tryout, we will provide full size inspection report.

All the manufacturing procedures and quality control process of TY Mold exactly follow the specification of ISO 9001, while the running is being critically monitored and confirmed to satisfy customers’request.

ISO 9001 Certificate


Products Inspection Report


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Mold Part Inspection


Fitting Verification

Fitting Verification

Pre-Delivery Mold Inspection