We firmly believe that one of the key factors in our success is the quality of our employees. We welcome high level and dynamic people to join us and contribute to our sustainable development.

We pay great attention to the welfare, work and prospects of our employees to ensure that all employees enjoy the joy of working in the company.

With the expansion of the company's business, we sincerely welcome talents from all walks of life to join us. We look forward to working with you to create a better future together. Please send the specific position you want to apply for and your resume to alisa@tymold.com.  Tel: 0769-82305080

Recruitment position and requirements:

1, Plastic mold design engineer: 

High school degree or above, machinery, mold design or related majors. More than five years work experience in the plastic mold design and can independently using UG software to design a complete set of mold. Skilled with AutoCAD to make 2D drawing. Can find out and handle construction problem of product design. Positive work attitude, steady, meticulous, active thinking, innovative spirit and good sense of teamwork. Experience in automobile mold design is preferred.

2, Plastic mold Maker: 

More than two years of experience in automobile mold, team spirit, strong department communication ability, proficient in machining process and subject to arrangement.

3CNC Operator: 

Skilled operated with Mitsubishi, Frank, Siemens system, operating experience more than one year.

4, CNC Apprentice: 

Over 18 years old, can bear hardships and stand hard work, need diligence. 

5, Mold Apprentice: 

Over 18 years old, can bear hardships and stand hard work, need diligence. 

6, Mold production Supervisor: 

Following up production plan and schedule of mold department, familiar with the production process of injection mold and the processing technology of each process, can effectively deploy and control the production schedule. 

7. Polishing workers: 

Working seriously and hard work. Strong sense of responsibility, and three years experience of polishing mold.